We renovate all tin roofs, tiled roofs and felt-covered roofs
with long experience, providing turnkey service!

Roof renovations, roof maintenance and roof repairs with professional expertise and turnkey service

Kattoremontti Pro operates nationwide in Finland and carries out all renovations, repairs and maintenance works to tin roofs, tiled roofs and felt-covered roofs reliably. Regardless whether it is about a detached house, terraced house, apartment house, summer cottage or another holiday dwelling, Kattoremontti Pro is your sure choice.

Kattoremontti Pro will install, renew and repair e.g. the rainwater systems on your roof, penetrations for ventilation, ridge seals, roof windows and roof insulations. Kattoremontti Pro provides you also the installation and maintenance as well as repair and replacement works of all roof protection products such as snow barriers, roof bridges, wall ladders and pane ladders for all buildings.

Contact us when you need a roof specialist to climb onto your roof!

Roof renovations with guarantee, from a top expert of roofing business

We carry out roof renovations and roof replacements as a full turnkey package for buildings of all sizes, from detached houses and terraced houses to outbuildings and recreational dwellings. We renovate and replace all tin roofs, tiled roofs and felt-covered roofs as well as roofs covered with ‘Minerit’ fiber cement boards. A roof renovation executed by us is always a service whole which consists of an initial survey, planning, roof renovation and construction waste removal. This means that as our customer, you don’t have to worry about anything during the roof renovation works.

In roofing renovation projects executed by us, only the best construction materials are used. Each and every roof renovation will be planned and implemented building-specifically, taking into consideration the possible special needs for that particular building. The planning of a roof renovation begins with a roof inspection free of charge, and the implementation plan will be drafted based on this inspection. A roof renovation can be supplemented with various measures improving comfort of living and the functionality of the roof, such as additional ceiling insulation, high-quality roof protection products or for instance a domed clerestory.

Ask us to give you an offer for the execution of your roof renovation project, and we’ll come to your place to inspect the condition of the roof your building, free of charge. We’ll give you a fixed price written offer on the roof renovation works and a detailed work description of various work stages involved in the roof renovation.

Roof repairs with uncompromising professional expertise

Is there water dripping to a glass from somewhere else than from a tap? Did the snow falling off the roof take away parts of the gutter or did the snow barriers come off? Did the storm wind wrap your tin roof into a roll?

Contact us if your roof needs fixing or if the roof leaks. We’ll assess the need for repairs and give you an offer for quality roofing work.

Roof maintenance from tin roofs to tiled roofs and felt-covered roofs

Are you facing roof maintenance? An intact, waterproof and safe roof cannot be taken for granted. In order to make the roof have as long service life as possible and in as good condition as possible, you’ll have to make some effort for it.

Kattoremontti Pro operates everywhere in Finland placing its expertise and competent installers at your disposal in all kinds of roofing maintenance works.

Other roofing services from additional insulation of the roof to sheet metal cladding of the chimney – and everything in between!

Kattoremontti Pro is a full service roofing company. In addition to renovation, repair and maintenance works, we’ll supply you all other roofing works from the sheet metal cladding of the chimney to the installation of rainwater systems. We can upgrade the roof and its level of equipping in several ways. We install roof protection products from wall ladders to roof bridges, and if heat is lost in the winter into the wind, we’ll come to improve the insulation of your roof. We are capable of doing the ventilation works of your roof and we’ll make new penetrations from domed clerestories to air-conditioning ducts. We’ll add fixtures to your roof or replace roofing nails with screws and make sure that your roof is in top condition in every respect. Have you thought of converting a flat roof to a pitched roof? That can be done! There isn’t any roofing work that is too small or too big for our competent roofing professionals.

Contact us for any roofing work. At Kattoremontti Pro, we have professionals to cover your every need.

Roof renovation works all over Finland!
Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Turku, Tampere…

We serve in all roof renovation and other roofing matters all over Finland. You’ll find roofs installed, repaired and maintained by us from the capital Helsinki area to Central Finland and as far as to Lapland. It does not make any difference whether you live in Helsinki, Tampere, Kuopio, Oulu or for instance in Rovaniemi, we’ll arrive to your place and prove our expertise. Everybody deserves just the best possible roofing service, and that you can get from us.

Ask for an offer, and we’ll fix your roof!

Ask us to give you an offer for roof renovation, roof maintenance or repair by e-mail myynti@kattoremontti.pro or with the form below.

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Kattoremontti Pro

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Renovation works proceed in our company as follows!

When you request an offer from us, you’ll know that you roof is in good hands. Regardless of the fact whether you need roof renovation, roof maintenance, roof repair or some other roofing work, contact us, and we’ll fix your roof to good condition.


Request an offer from us and tell us a little more specifically about the situation of your roof. When necessary, we’ll come to the site to inspect the condition of your roof.


Based on the inspection visit and what you have told us, we’ll prepare a written fixed-price and competitive offer.


We execute roofing works as a high-quality and full turnkey package. We are certain that you’ll be pleased with the final result.

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